Moving Fragile Items? Try Man and Van London Service

It may seem daunting to move fragile items, and it usually is. If you are moving a 600-year-old China Ming vase worth tens of thousands of pounds, you will even feel worried carrying it in your arms. When it is being lumped with other items for moving, it is downright scary. Other fragile items include fine china tableware, sculptures, paintings, and antique furniture. The best bet would be engaging a man and van London service to help you move. But even with the man and van, you could use a few packing tips to ensure your items are secure.

Packing glassware

When packing glassware and ceramics, it is best to use small packing boxes with firm sides. The items should not be in contact with each other, neither should there be room for them to move and bump into each other. Each item should be wrapped in bubble wrap or cloth padding, as well as the space between the items.

Oddly shaped items like ornamental vases should be packed one item per box with all the gaps in the box filled with padding. Be sure to label the packing box ‘FRAGILE’ and place it where it is clearly visible, preferably as the last item to go into the van.

Packing fragile furniture

Glass top coffee tables, wall units, and antique furniture require special handling because they are bulky, heavy and can easily dent, scratch and break. The good thing is that modern furniture can be taken apart and packed separately. Do this for easier packing and moving.

Antique furniture presents a different challenge as it cannot be taken apart. Many pieces are also made of solid hardwood, making them very heavy. Be sure to inform the man and service if you have this kind of furniture which would require hoisting equipment and probably extra hand in addition to the driver.

Packing electronics

Electronics are also fragile especially if they are precise instruments like microscopes, or expensive items like a 72 inch TV. The best way to pack these items is in their original packing using the insulation that came with it. If this is not possible, look for cardboard boxes that make a nice fit. Do not pack more than one item in a box. Accessories such as remote controls and chargers should also be in a separate box to avoid pressing against delicate parts such as the screen.

A man and van service is ideal for moving a few fragile items. The van is spacious enough and yet nimble to be driven carefully for a smoother ride.

Looking for a Local Handyman?

What do you do if you need to replace a few tiles but have no foggiest idea of how to make a mortar mixture? Or maybe you want to fix a new showerhead? Home improvement projects and repairs that do not warrant a large contractor are best left to a handyman. This is someone (usually a man) who has learnt all kinds of tasks around the house and the garden.  A handyman will easily take on jobs in painting, plumbing, masonry, carpentry and other tasks that would usual homeowner scratching the head.

Handyman vs. contractor

A handyman is usually a regular guy who has better knowledge around stuff such that he can easily fix it. He can repair a leaking kitchen sink or paint a new room. A contractor is usually a tradesperson with a license. A good example is an electrician.

A handyman will help you move into a new house, fix the wall paintings and change the colour of the kitchen wall. A contractor is the person you contact when the lighting is not working it should, or the house is flooded by an unidentified leak.

Jobs for a handyman

A handyman is best for small jobs that require one or two people. These include:

  • Fixtures in the house

If you need to change the light bulbs, hang a painting, or install a bathroom mirror, a handyman can easily do these tasks with set of screwdrivers or hammer and nails.

  • Gutter cleaning

Many people are afraid of heights which you need to do when cleaning gutters. With a ladder and rake, a handyman will clean the gutters and fix leaks if there are any.

  • Painting

If you need to change the colour of the swimming pool fence, or touch up the living wall colours, a handyman can do it in a few hours and the good thing is that you will pay him an hourly rate.

  • Leak proofing the house

Simple leak proofing involves caulking the gaps in the windows, doors and siding to eliminate air leakages and improve the working of the HVAC.

  • Minor plumbing

If you need to change the kitchen faucets, or fix a leaky sink, the handyman will do it in a few minutes.

A handyman is easy to engage and many of them will not ask to sign lengthy contracts or agreements. He will be in and out after a few minutes or hours. The good thing is that the rates are very flexible. If your friend is good at what you need, you have a handyman for free!