About Us

Hello everyone! This is Mellisa Johnson. I am part of a service crew here in London. We have different types of services that we offer like Cleaning Services, Accommodations Services, Removals Services and etc. Our company is providing servicing on different towns of UK and across neighboring areas of London. We are highly known and recommended by our customers as they are very please with our works and we guarantee satisfaction for all of the services we offer.

At young age I already been expose to working in a service type of jobs. My mother runs a small catering service and my father works in a landscape maintenance service for a quite while. I gained much of my experience from them as I understand and know their stories, struggles and efforts. Luckily for me I never had much pains or problems with my works as all of my co workers are very professional and I did not met a rude or unsatisfied customers up-to date.

I love listening to music, reading comics and watching movies. It is a form of stress reliever for me. I am now married with 1 lovely daughter who is very talented and smart. I am always proud of her. My husband works in a cab industry as a managing officer. We live happily and peacefully with our kid. Our house is not too far away from main city of London. We also have a dog named Sparrow. Yes it is from the movie Pirates of Caribbean.  Both me and my husband love the movie and also love the actor Johnny Deep, we have lots of movie collections from him.

Each day our work routine sometimes changes and we face great challenges in life. Not only at work but also in our daily activities and with our families. But we believe that we can always overcome them when we stay together and work hard together.