Looking for a Local Handyman?

What do you do if you need to replace a few tiles but have no foggiest idea of how to make a mortar mixture? Or maybe you want to fix a new showerhead? Home improvement projects and repairs that do not warrant a large contractor are best left to a handyman. This is someone (usually a man) who has learnt all kinds of tasks around the house and the garden.  A handyman will easily take on jobs in painting, plumbing, masonry, carpentry and other tasks that would usual homeowner scratching the head.

Handyman vs. contractor

A handyman is usually a regular guy who has better knowledge around stuff such that he can easily fix it. He can repair a leaking kitchen sink or paint a new room. A contractor is usually a tradesperson with a license. A good example is an electrician.

A handyman will help you move into a new house, fix the wall paintings and change the colour of the kitchen wall. A contractor is the person you contact when the lighting is not working it should, or the house is flooded by an unidentified leak.

Jobs for a handyman

A handyman is best for small jobs that require one or two people. These include:

  • Fixtures in the house

If you need to change the light bulbs, hang a painting, or install a bathroom mirror, a handyman can easily do these tasks with set of screwdrivers or hammer and nails.

  • Gutter cleaning

Many people are afraid of heights which you need to do when cleaning gutters. With a ladder and rake, a handyman will clean the gutters and fix leaks if there are any.

  • Painting

If you need to change the colour of the swimming pool fence, or touch up the living wall colours, a handyman can do it in a few hours and the good thing is that you will pay him an hourly rate.

  • Leak proofing the house

Simple leak proofing involves caulking the gaps in the windows, doors and siding to eliminate air leakages and improve the working of the HVAC.

  • Minor plumbing

If you need to change the kitchen faucets, or fix a leaky sink, the handyman will do it in a few minutes.

A handyman is easy to engage and many of them will not ask to sign lengthy contracts or agreements. He will be in and out after a few minutes or hours. The good thing is that the rates are very flexible. If your friend is good at what you need, you have a handyman for free!