How to Negotiate for Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is a headache that tenants have to endure to get the tenancy deposit back. It has been seen that most disputes arise from landlords disputing the standard of cleaning that has been done. For most tenants, it is not the lack of will that leads to unacceptable cleaning. It is simply that the job is overwhelming. One way of going around this problem is by engaging a tenancy cleaning service. However, many tenants shy away from engaging professional cleaning services in the mistaken belief that they are costly. The fact is that there are cheap services if you know how to look. Citi Clean is one of the London’s premier cleaning services provider that you can negotiate cheap end of tenancy cleaning.

Scour the classifieds

The classifieds are your best source of information on the available tenancy cleaning services in your area. There are hundreds of more choices you will find on the internet. You will also find posters on the corner advertising cleaning services.

An alternative is to rely on word of mouth. If you know anyone who has recently moved, ask them what services they used for tenancy cleaning.

Ask for quotes

It is amazing how many people will take one word for the norm. Just because one cleaning service quoted 150 pounds does not mean this cannot go lower. It is prudent to look around. Ask for 3 or 4 price quotes from different cleaning services.  Analyze the price quotes first by the price and then by any other incentives on offer. One cleaning service could quote 140 for basic cleaning, while another quotes 145 but offers to do carpet cleaning.

Assess scope of work

It is always good to have the service assess the scope of work visually on site instead of relying on a phone conversation. This is because the assessments can show the scope of work was actually less than what you estimated when doing your descriptions. This will give you room for negotiations.

Leave out the unwanted

If there is something on the price quote that does not make sense or seems superfluous, ask the cleaning service to leave it out. You do not need buffing of the mirrors or chrome. Removing these small unnecessary costs can make a big difference if you have a huge scope of work.


Always negotiate. The price quoted can always go lower. You can even offer to lend a hand to make the work lighter for the cleaning service.

A cheap tenancy cleaning service can make a difference between receiving the deposit quickly in full, or get into a dispute with the landlord and delay your deposit.