5 Tips to Get Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning London Service

As a landlord, you recognize the need to restore a house that was recently occupied such that prospective tenants are impressed by the cleanliness and hygiene. A well cleaned housing unit is likely to get occupied faster and can also fetch a better rent if there is a high demand for it. Using end of tenancy cleaning london services is the best way of getting these impressive standards of cleanliness. There are many cleaning services offering these services, but how can you get a good affordable cleaning service?

Ask for referrals

If you know someone who has had end of tenancy cleaning done for them, ask for the contacts of the cleaning service.  Use your contacts in the real estate agents’ network to get good referrals. Real estate agents are likely to have this information as they handle houses being vacated for sale. You can also search online using your social networking contacts. Pinterest is a good social media platform for matters to do with household cleaning. Classifieds sites are also very good in providing contacts for different services. Another good source for finding excellent end of tenancy cleaning london is a company called Tenancy Cleaning. They specialise specifically in end of tenancy cleaning that will ensure you will pass the checkout successfully.

Ask for price quotes

After listing down several possible cleaning services to work with contact them and ask for a price quote. You can compare them quickly depending on the quotes they do. Rather than doing price comparisons only, look at other details like discounts and bonus services. But be aware that good end of tenancy cleaning london service is not always easy to find.

Plan for a site visit

When doing a price quote, a cleaning service would rather err on the higher side than do the job and realize the costs were higher than expected.  You can help the cleaning service do an accurate price quote by arranging for a site visit. Have one of their cleaning experts come and look at the size of the house, and any other considerations before doing the final price quote.

Tidy up a bit

If the previous tenant left a lot of trash lying around, pick some of it to have a resemblance of a normal house. The cleaning expert doing the assessment is not likely to do a high price valuation if the house does not look like a disaster scene.

Be part of the crew

If you can handle some of the tasks, ask the cleaning service to count you in as part of the crew. This way, you can have a discount and keep an eye on the cleaning.

Use your negotiation skills

Put your negotiation skills to use and haggle for a better discount.

Getting a cheap end of tenancy london service is easier with the tips above. Your house will be professionally cleaned improving occupancy rates.