6 Top Tips for an Awesome House Share London Experience

Getting into a house share arrangement is pretty much like your first time in a college dorm, or anywhere else you had to live with a bunch of strangers. In a house share, there are many things beyond your control top on the list being the characters you meet in the house. A house share can be an awesome experience if you can follow a few tips and hopefully have the other house mates seeing from your side of things.

Know what you are getting into

If you are not a people person, a house share may not be your kind of thing. Even if you are a people person, you have to know the kind of people you will be living with. If the crowd is over 35, chances are that you will have a quieter environment where wild late nights are not very welcome. If the house mates are under 30, expect some wild behavior and all kinds of people coming in and going out.

Define your space and property

You can only make the best from the little space you have. Make it your sanctuary where the other house mates are expected to respect your privacy. You can make the space more useful by having multi-purpose furniture for example a bed with drawers.

Color code your stuff in the common areas, for example, your dishes or glassware. Set the rules for the use of these items including a replacement policy.

Make duty rosters or outsource

There is bound to be one or two people who do not put in the effort to keep the house clean. Make a duty roster so that there are no excuses. If the duty roster cannot be followed outsource the cleaning to a cleaning service and split the bill.

Agree on finances

Some housemates could fall behind or renege on their share of the bills. Ensure records are kept of who is paying what and how much. You can simplify this using an app.

Be flexible

There is a lot of stuff you will see in a house share from blacked out guys puking to people walking around naked. This is all good as long as they are not coming into your personal space. It will make for some good memories later in life.

Enjoy the company

Once you look past the annoyances, most of your housemates are genuinely awesome people. Look for common areas like video games, movies, board games and other stuff that will let you know your housemates better.